A memorable day of my life is when I first saw my little sister (cousin) whose name is Anya. First when I was in the airport my mom told me that  only Anya's father was coming. Then I was angry that why didn't he bring Anya and her mom along!! Then when I reached my house I saw that Anya was standing there with her mother!! I was overjoyed!!!!!!! I almost jumped of the car when it was still moving!! I was so happy because I saw her for the first time!! I rushed off to meet her. I hugged her. She looked so sweet. I had a pleasant surprise! That was the most memorable day of my life!

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Sunday are days of relaxation. But last Sunday turned out to be unusually exciting. Early morning we were swung into action on receiving a call from my aunt that a leopard had crept into their house. Fortunately the family was outside in the lawn and now were afraid to enter the house because they did not know which room has it chosen for itself. One brave passerby locked the door of the house and the police was called. The entire area was cordoned off and the forest and the Zoological department too rushed to the spot. The leopard was spotted in the first room of the house. Through the window tranquilizer darts were fired at the leopard. Finally a cage was set at the washroom door and the leopard was trapped. So, my last Sunday was spend midst high drama that got resolved only by the evening.