How be it now that we be friends When then we could not make amends? Confused be I, so lost in daze. Is this but just a wicked phase? Or do you, my friend, if call you such, Have other plans as I think much? Your eyes are dark and cold like mine. I can’t be sure with eyes so fine. Your eyes do sit and show me good They say to trust and that I should. But take to heart my mind says “Nay! His eyes shall lead you far astray! Don’t trust his eyes, no matter how calm! Don’t trust his eyes though sung sweet psalm
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Choose To Be Happy
Choose to be happy,
Choose to feel great,
Choose not to let things make you irate.
I know that some people are not feeling great,
And I know that some people just know how to hate.
And I wish that all people could be healthy and strong,
And I wish that all people would just get along.
If wands could be waved,  and the world would be cured,
I’d wave that big wand, you can be assured.
But I’ll do what I can every day I am here,
And try to remember “the good,” year to year
And I choose to be happy,
And I choose to feel great,
And I choose not to let things make me irate!
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