Ya of course money is not black but the way to  accquire it may be black.As we have seen manytimes  that some people in the greed of money can do anything to get it. Even if they can do murder, illegal work, kidnapping, etc.Our society has too some greedy people and there is a social evil still continued in our country i.e. the dowry system, some greedy people harsh the brides and her family to accquire that money and even many times the brides are killed. That 's so unfair.Politicians earn money many times by doing manty illegal work, which is also known as corruption.
Money ,its needed for each and everyone in the world. without it we find very difficult to live.its not good to live in any manner to get it. we have to control the usage of it. dont allow it to control the world some are poor,some are very rich.God  have given us money not only for us but to help the needy.we can use it only upto our we should use it to help the poor people,and for the welfare of the country.