In this economy money makes the world go around.  To have money; to have lots of it is not wrong and it never will be, but money is a tool either for good or for bad. How we use the money is what is of great importance here. It is always better to be rich rather than poor. The reason is simple; to have is better than to lack. We all want our daily needs met. It is human nature and there is nothing wrong with it.
“Money can't buy happiness, neither can poverty” 
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Money, the word that has power, the thing which is ruling the world till this day. The concept of money is not new, it was first introduce by Greeks in 350.B.C. Later it spreaded to whole world. They used it in the form of Money. Chinese were the first to use Paper Money. Nowadays we depend on money for each and everything, whether we have to buy food, shelter, cloths, for comfortable life, to fulfill our need and what not? Like every other thing Money can be used for both constructive and destructive way. So we have to take in the constructive way. Hence, we can say that we should let it be our servants and not masters in order to leave in the crime free World.