1)They are primitive organisms.
2)All organisms of the kingdom are prokaryotes.
3)They are present in both living and non-living environment.
4)They can survive in harsh and extreme climatic conditions like in hot springs, acidic soils etc.
5)They are unicellular organisms.Membrane bound nucleus is absent.DNA is in double stranded form, suspended in the cytoplasm of the organism,referred as nucleoid.A rigid cell wall is present.
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1.They are typically single celled and microscopic.
2.They may have rigid cell wall.
3.The DNA is circular and naked.
4.DNA is not enclosed by nuclear envelope.
5.Ribosomes are present and they are 70s type.
6.The mode of nutrition is autotrophic.
7.Respiration is aerobic or anaerobic.
8.Some monerans live in acidic conditions.
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