the story India's Heros deals with certain themes .Some of these themes are feeling of selflessness,sacrifice ,courage and sense of duty.
All the characers showed their courage and bravery and their selflessness by the way they tried to save the lives of other people , risking their own lives.The 31-year old NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan fought like a valiant soldier and laid down his life for his country .Mr Vishnu Dattaram Zinde saved the lives of hundreds of passengers at the CST station,without even caring for his own life.Karambir Singh Kang didnot bother for his own safety or his family's safety.His first move was to help the guests .DIG Hemant Karkare. Vijay salaskar,,Ashok Kamte too displayed their courage and valour and fought till their last breath.People as ordinary as a tea stall keeper and cemeteries too acted heroically.
All these bravehearts were fearless,selfless,determined individuals who were patriots in the true sense.
India's heros deals with the theme of one's sense of duty and responsibility .In the modern world , when the people have become negligent of their duties ,this story serves as a remainder to all to arise , awake and attend to the call of duty.these heroes considered the sufferings of others as their own .
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India's Heroes. The theme is selfishness, braveness, valour and courage.
The particular line means that all people do not react the same when they are in danger.
Their psychology makes them act in different ways.
As we can take some real life incident:
The terrorist attack on the unsuspecting people of Mumbai on 26th November 2008 threw up several brave hearts.
People stood up to fight against the terrorist while some ran away seeing them saving their lives.
So, here is how they reacted, some stood bravely not thinking about their lives and wanting to save other people from the terrorist attack while there were people who thought just about them and ran only to save their lives.

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