Syngamy is gametic fusion between the male gamete and the egg resulting in the formation of zygote whereas triple fusion is the gametic fusion of one male gamete with the diploid secondary nucleus resulting in the formation of the triploid nucleus.In syngamy the zygote which develops to the embryo while in the triple fusion results in the formation of the triploid tissue known as the endosperm.In this fertilization(in syngamy) two nuclei are involved resulting in the formation of diploid zygote whereas in triple fusion the endosperm nurtures their by helping in the growth and development of the embryo.
          SYNGAMY                                                      TRIPLE FUSION is the actual or generative                           1.It is vegetative fertilization.
 fertilization .
2.both male and female gametes                       2.only one male gametes and two 
    are involved in syngamy.                                     vegetative nuclei are involve.
3.syngamy produces a dipliod                          3. it produces tripliod primary 
    zygote.                                                                 endospernm cell .
4. zygote forms the embryo.                              4. primary endosperm cell  
                                                                                 produces a
                                                                              food laden endosperm.

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