Algae are usually aquatic habitat,Bryophytes grow usually in moist shady places.
Plant body of algae is unicellular to multicellular or filamentous,or thalloid or leafy,whereas bryophytes are thalloids or leafy.
Sexual reproduction in algae are isogamous,oogamous or anisogamous,whereas in bryophytes they reproduces only by oogamous method.
Female sex organ is oogonium in algae and archegonium in bryophytes.
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algae can live in association with fungi(lichen) and with animals
algae is having no roots like structure but bryophytes are having roots and stem like structures
in algae sexual reproduction is through isogamous, anisogamous and oogamus but in bryopyhtes, we could find the fusion of biflagellate antherozoids  produced by antheridum and single egg produced by archegonium