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The seals used by the Harappans show their artistic skills. About 2000 seals have been discovered. Of these a majority comprises short inscriptions with pictures of the one-horned bull, buffalo, tiger, goat and elephant. Most of the seals are rectangular or square but some of them were circular in shape. Harappan seals reveal the script, trade, religion and beliefs of the people. Seals of Pashupati show that people believed in Shiva. The Unicorn seal shows their mythical beliefs. The seals bear some kind of script which which has not yet been deciphered. Material used in making seals comprises of terracotta, steatite, agate,etc.
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The seals even have an inscription of a sort of pictorial writing. Most of the seals have a knob at the back through which runs a hole. It is said that these seals were used by different associations or merchants for stamping purposes. They were also worn round the neck or the arm.The seals culture and civilization.seals show artistic skills and the creation of human beings at an early age.

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