I agree partly to the statement because on one side we can't say that the money put into girls education is not spend properely even by a percent...of course its due to the improvement in investments in the gilrs education that we have more girls schools and campagins arising all throughout the country...girls are given more security and the government is organizing various schemes to improve the ratio of girls enrollment in schools - to a great extent it has been succeful as the rural and illiterate people are being taught about the value of education to their girls. and this must be the reason that the number of literate girls are rising gradually in various states of the country...
Nevertheless, on the other hand, some money put into these schemes are leaked into a few greedy hands who don't care about the future of the girls of our nation. this corruption is always present in almost every field of the indian economy..and is certainly higher in this field...this leads to the calling of more fierce laws to secure girl's education and to erradicate this corruption. some states are not at all showing improvement despite the continuos efforts and investments of the government into it. this also is affected by the patriarchial traditional beliefs of our country...
In conclusion, we need to focus more investments into the girls education and ensure that they are being used accordingly - this can be attained by fierce and strict laws.
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thanks for ur help i really need that thanks

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I completely agree on the given topic.
Girls are considered burden by their parents think they give a lot of sorrow to the society and to them.

If parents spend money on a girl they consider it as a waste as their mentality is that girls will grow up and serve and obey their in-laws rather than continuing their own studies. This was the early mentality of people.
But still some old people pass this useless and worthless mentality to their next generation.Girls have better knowledge than boys. They have the power to grasp anything much better and fast than others. Now we can see that girls are on an equal footing or maybe much than the boys. It is due to a woman that a department gets the power. And a girl's destiny must be determined on her capability and not by her fortune.
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