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The feel of rain
     I feel so nice when it rains. Usually busy with work but when it starts to rain, I suddenly realize that I am human and have senses and emotions. The drizzle cools off the heat in my mind.  My body senses the pleasant coolness in the air.

     When the rain drops touch my cheeks and the neck, I get a tickling sensation in my nerves. The drops falling intermittently on the face and hands at different spots each time and cause a super cooling sensation. I like that and so I stay in the open when it drizzles.

    My heart feels romantic and I think of those I love and I like. The skin feels so cool, I rub my body with my hands, and I feel so cosy.  When it rains heavily, I watch the splashing of the drops on the floor.  They scatter and sprinkle on to my feet and it feels great.  The splashes make rhythmic beats that I enjoy hearing all the time it rains.

  More often than not, the power supply fails when it rains heavily.  So I just watch the rain and listen to the rushing noise.  It is during the rain I feel the urge to eat hot pakora (pakode) and have a hot coffee. When I have these, the warming of the inside of my body feels nice.  Rain is really a tension reliever for me.  Catching hails and eating them is a funny sport that I enjoyed a few times.

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