completely agree on the given topic. 
Girls are considered burden by their parents think they give a lot of sorrow to the society and to them.

If parents spend money on a girl they consider it as a waste as their mentality is that girls will grow up and serve and obey their in-laws rather than continuing their own studies. This was the early mentality of people.
But still some old people pass this useless and worthless mentality to their next generation.Girls have better knowledge than boys. They have the power to grasp anything much better and fast than others. Now we can see that girls are on an equal footing or maybe much than the boys. It is due to a woman that a department gets the power. And a girl's destiny must be determined on her capability and not by her fortune.
Traditionally a girl child was not allowed to go out of the house.she was supposed to do all the domestic work like cleaning,washing etc.In the modern days the trend towards a girl child has changed considerably.Society has realised the importance of girl child.Nowadays girls  can do any task with perfection.When a boy is educated he is the only one but we a girl is educated two families are educated.It is high time for everyone of us to realise the importance of a girl child and support and encourage them.