A police jeep on a petrol duty on national highway was moving with a speed of 54km/hr. in the same direction. It finds a thief rushing up in a car at a rate of 126km/hr in the same direction. Police sub – inspector fired at the car of the thief with his service revolver with a muzzle speed of 100m/s. with what speed will the bullet hit the car of thief?

CLASS - XI PHYSICS (Kinematics)




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Speed of police jeep = speed of gun = 54 km/h = 15m/s
muzzle speed = relative speed of bullet wrt police jeep = 100 m/s
velocity of bullet = 100+15 = 115m/s

velocity of thief = 126km/h = 35m/s
relative velocity of bullet wrt thief = 115-35 = 80 m/s
So bullet will hit the car of thief at a velocity 80 m/s
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