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Three features of bryophytes:

1. The Plant body is a gametophyte. They grow in areas which arc in between the aquatic and terrestrial habitats i.e. amphibious zone and hence known as amphibious plants.

2. Male reproductive organ is known as antheridium. It is a club shaped structure being borne by a narrow stalk. It produces biflagellate and motile male gametes or antherozoids.

3. Water is essential for fertilization.

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These are the features of bryophytes:
⇒ Bryophytes are unicellular organisms.
⇒They do not have true vascular bundle.
⇒DNA sequencing of bryophytes has elucidated the fact     that they are polyphyleetic group.
(There are few kinds of bryophytes so, depending on them there are many more features that are different from each other.)

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