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1) afforestation
2) water management
3) fixing the soil
4) enrichment and hyper fertilizing the soil

Eradication of desert land is possible;its not the easy and fast one to achieve. But nothing is impossible in this morden world about 1/3 of world land is arid and semi-arid. Country like Saudi Arabia and Israel has come with ingenious way of converting desert land in to farming or vegetation land. Way to reform desert land to vegetation land by:1.) selection of plant, according to our consumption and needs and also the plant must survive the harsh conditions of desert.2.) Drip irrigation; using this technic we can not only reduce the water usage but also water wastage. 3.) Collection of rainwater changeling and also mist, dew collection. 4.) Systematical of Creating barrier reef for preventing soil erosyion and also for preventing desert sand deposition by wind.