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Everyone in our familiar with one's plays an important role in survival of all the organisms.the sum of physical and biological factors with their chemical interactions that affect an organism iscalled environment. the living organism maintain a balance with each other and to its biotic and abiotic factors. all the components of biosphere interact in an organized manner with organisms.this interactions assures organisms to survive that may result in gradual evolution of the  organisms in the biosphere.
 Everything surrounded us is our environment .Environment provide us with all things that we need to survive our lives, food ,water ,shelter and  clothes everything  comes from environment. All things that are happening occurs in the environment like the change in the weather etc.
Today we all our damaging our environment by cutting trees (deforestation) ,global warming and increase in pollution ,these all effects our environment .If environment gives us a lot of things and help us in many ways so its our duty to protect it and save and also take care of it .
The natural environment includes nature ,and forests are the part of the nature ,so we all know that forests are very important for us and they are the part of environment .So the environment is very very very important for us if there will be no natural environment ,we can't survive our lives.......................
       ''Lets save our environment ,and make the Earth a better place for    

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