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When we just try to look back the history...we may find some dates really projecting from others and august 6th nd 9 are like those one. It's on those days that we -the human civilization found out the fact that inventions can also destroy the whole generation even though they play a major role in human development. Japan who just tried to show their power before America got really an attack...back with out any time lag.Non of the people were aware of the fact that..people had developed soo high that they were themselves making things for their own destruction until that days. No one felt surprised to see a plane above their head on that morning since they saw something dropping from that. It just turned to a big blast with lights spreading with the brightness more over than 1000 suns. It had the power to change humans in to vapour.Temperature was soo high that even the one's who tried to escape by jumping in to ponds, wells, rivers got died due to the boiling water. Non of the single one got escaped from that disaster. All the animals, trees, ...beyond all the human species got died.Nuclear  fission working in nuclear bombs just shook the whole human society with fear. Even now...we could find the victims of those disaster. That's the reason why nuclear bombs are sooo furious. We can find no one escaping from that. And the main result of this is the war crazy of humans. It makes everyone to think for some thing new that could make them distinct  and the nuclear bomb was the result of that. But the final result was the loss of thousands ...nd still they are just suffering
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