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                   -VEGETATIVE means of fragmentation fission and budding
                   - ASEXUAL-through conidio or sporangio or zoospores
                  -SEXUAL-through oospores or ascopores or basidiospores
spores are produced in distinct bodies

sexual reproduction
-through plasmogamy .Plasmogamy means fusion of protoplasm between two motile or non motile or non motile gametes. Here two compatible haploid hyphae come together and fuse
-karyogamy-fusion of two nuclei 
- meiosis- meiosis in zygote resulting in haploid spores

sexual reproduction ⇒fusion of two haploid hyphae of compatible matting types⇒diploid cells (2n) OR dikaryotic stage*
*dikaryotic stage -in ascomycetes and basidiomycetes it is seen. We could find two nuclei per cell nd this is known as dikaryon and this phase is called dikaryotic stage

asexual reproduction is produced by several spores that are endogenously or exogenously produced. They are mainly conidio or sporangio or zoospores. These spores are produced and they forms new part of fungi



wher e is asexual reproduction ?
well..i have jst mentioned about asexual reproduction too..but..since i knw much more about sexual reproduction, i could write that elaborately... i hope added answer is enough