Diseases caused by pollution are:
1) fatigue
2) respiratory illness
3) cardio vascular illness
4) gastroenteritis
5) cancer risk
6) skin irritation
7) nausea
Our earth has become a store of wastes.we are the one ,i.e , the people living on the earth , who are responsible for the increasing pollution.

there are 3 types of pollution.they are :

WATER POLLUTION :This type of pollution is occuring  because we are throwing our daily wastes in it.the toxic wastes from the factories are also polluting the water bodies.water pollution is affecting the life of marine organisms.they are dieing.the sacred ganges is also being polluted because of the flowers thrown during the rituals.

land pollution: This type of pollution is taking place because we are throwing our daily wastes anywhere on the road we want.this can cause stopage in the drainage system.

air pollution : the main source of air pollution is the harmful gases released from the vehicles.this causes health problems.