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Good morning one and all assembled here ,once i wish u all happy environmental day.
environment is like our mother.we live in environment.we use environment.we destruct environment.but we r not trying to re produce day these disasters like cyclone, flood,etc are man made disasters.many members dont have common sense they litter,spit,all they do in public environment.not only like this we also release missiles to other countries wich destroy plants and animals.plse save environ ment

           --------save environment .environment saves u-----------
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Namaste to one and all present here its my pleasure to wish happy environmental day to you all.

Environmental is the day which we get once in year to celebrate. We plant trees to show significance of keeping green and to prevent global warming. Now a days we are misusing it by polluting more and more. We burn more fossil fuels. This releases sulfur and then combines with oxygen to form acid rain.Acid rain causes skin cancer. We are just littering things around the roads etc. This causes dirtiness on our road. We should keep clean. Deforestation is also happening and in turn causes soil erosion. These all causes global warming. Global warming causes rise in temperature, submergence of lands,floods,rise in sea level. So we should stop global warming by planting more trees and save environment.

-------------------------------------Save our Mother Earth------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------Thank You-----------------------------------------------------------------------   

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