English was not found by a person. It started out from the Anglo-Saxon settlers who invaded Britain in 5th AD this invasion was led by a group of Germanic tribes the three tribes were The Angles, The Saxons and The Jutes. Old English: The Germanic tribes spoke similar languages, which was later developed by the Britishers is now what we call old English. Middle English: In this time french had become the royal language(because the king was a Norman; part of modern French) and English was spoken by the lower class people. 
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It seems the Old English was brought to England by Anglo-saxon settlers from the West Germanic region in Europe.  

The Germanic languages are part of Indo-European set of languages. They were spoken by the people who settled around the Elbe river nearly 1000 BC. They got split during 2nd Century B.C. That part of English language had gone to England through the Anglo-saxon inhabitants. They invaded the islands of great Britain during 5th and 6th centuries. They spoke the Old English.

Many of the words in English (more than 50%) had come from foreign languages. Only the remaining words have roots in the Old English language from Great Britain.

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