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Indian scientist has cast a bleak and worrisome shadow over the future of basic science in India. The author is lamenting the fact that one is unable to perform cutting-edge science in India. I fully agree that every country should encourage and support basic science. But, for countries such as India, currently, this is a luxury and she cannot afford to divert much of her limited resources to this end. India needs to catch up before it can lead. Over the past few years, India has seen some tremendous overall improvement. If progress can be quantified, then the burgeoning middle class, the prevalence of automobiles, the growth of telecommunication networks, and the increase in foreign trade all stand as clear indicators of a positive trend. The liberalization of India’s markets has led to a surge in foreign investment and has increased the availability of all goods, from necessities like food to luxuries like Internet access. Indian children, who ten years ago barely recognized a telephone, today speak of computers. The job market is strong, the country seems set for political stability, and things, in India, are good getting better, not bad getting worse.
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