1.why the tiger was frightened about the leak?
ans:- the tiger was frightened about the leak because the woman in the hut was frightened about leak but nt the tiger. moreover the tiger thought that the leak was an animal who is stronger than him. you think that the potter is brave enough to save his country from enemies?
ans:- no i dont because accidentally he was regarded as brave person and became general of army you think that the sentry was really afraid of potter?
ans:- yes because he saw the potter coming towards him with a huge tree in his hand and was frightened about him and made signal to all the soldiers. on seeing this the enemies fled away .
4.what  incident made the potter look simplistic?
ans:- after coming back home from enemies camp with a note which was written
by enemy king, he went to palace by walk instead of going on horse.
5.what made potter angry?
ans:- the potter grew angry because his donkey ran away and he had to search for him in the forest on that stormy day.
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