Rani rathnawathi bai pawar was the 9th queen of maharana pratap of mewar.
History also claims that rani rathnawathi was the younger sister of maharana pratap's favourite and first queen mahani ajabde punwar.
Rana Pratap loved maharani ajabde more than any of his later wives and before her death it was rani ajabde who persuaded rana pratap to marry her sister rani rathnawathi.
Rani rathnawathi had a son named Maal Singh from Rana pratap.
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Rani Ratnavati was the sister of maharani Ajabde Punwar,the first wife of Maharana Pratap. It is said that when Ajabde was at her death bed she asked Maharana Pratap to marry her sister. And thus Retnavati became the 9 wife of Maharana Pratap.
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