Gandhiji was always neat and clean & always wanted everybody to be clean. so he started the swacch bharat campaign in which people took part & there was gr8 changes in the looking of our surroundings.
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We know...tht gandhiji- the father of our nation...from the very beginning it self had worked hard for making a swachh bharat. But between he just lost by way. When we look in to his life, we could see some situations that really tells us about his attitude and concept about cleanliness. Once, he himself has just cleaned a public toilet which was used by lot. But he only dared to clean that by asking the broom . He considered that each and every jobs are having it's own values and respect.  So he showed no prob in doing some works meant for other's use. Ghandhiji knew that , the clean environment reflects our character and it tells us how eager we are on our matters. A clean body can only think about clean surroundings . A clean surroundings make the whole nation clean and this makes us who we are.