Games and sports are the keys which keep our lock of body mentally and physically fit.It keeps us healthy and helps us to keep all  diseases away from us.They offer us a change from the monotony of daily life.Games and sports are not only important for the success of studios but also important for the growth of our  strong personality.Every time studies and no play makes us mentally dull.Thus it is always advised that our busy life should also include some time for games and sports.It is a very useful means of pastime also.Thus games and sports are good for us in many directions.
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Today , in this present world, competitions are really high. All may not be able to shine in a particular field alone. We can find a lot of opportunities in the present world at the same time. But the problem is that we are not using them in a a good way. Sports and games also goes on like that only. India which is the second highest populated country in the world is having a lot of talents hidden in it.But we are not using them in a good way. It is really visible in our point scoring in games. If we just take our population density we could find more than 4 talents in 5 people. And if we use them in sports and games we can find no one ahead of  us. 
 For that, we have to implement a lot programmes in this field. We are not even having a good sports complex in each districts in states like kerala, tamil nadu, etc.   Even if it is's condition is soo poor that we might think we all the money spend by the government in this field  has gone. Yes my friends, a large amount of corruption is going in this field. Or else, we will be like shocked to see a well developed sports complex even in rural areas, So prob is not of governments, it's of those authorities who are given the responsibility of implementing them. So first if all we need to change them. We need to replace them by the sports players it self. Because, a sports player who is given that responsibility can do nothing else other than implementing all the ones suggested by our government. Many of the talented sports players are loosing the opportunities cause of their poor and bad condition. They poverty stricken family, bad condition evrythg are just making them to step back. So we need to improve their condition. So just find talented heads and try to nourish them . Then no doubt..once we too will be yielding golds and silvers in olympics and tht should be our aim...                                    

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