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Watch ur thoughts...cause thoughts reflects ur idea. Watch your ideas cause they decides your actions. Watch your actions cause they finally makes who you are. So , we all should be aware of our actions and idea. We can find many who are just finding happiness in destroying public things.Actually there is no need to guess how their character is and how cruel they are. A cruel mind can only think of doing cruel things. We need to bring all those habits to an end. Because public properties are meant for the use of public. So it should be protected . It's easy to erase something written on a paper using pencil. But...we can't think of the same if it is written using some inks. Our character is also like that. We can easily bring changes to them when one is child. But when he gets's really difficult to do that.
So we need to bring about changes in the very child hood time itself to bring all these stuffs to an end. So let's think of doing that in school days itself. We know how a school can influence one's own character. But now..even though it's take it in..the reality is that we could find the students themselves destroying school properties. So without any doubt we can come to the conclusion that it's from no where else other than school that people are getting such a habit. So we should try to remove that from there it selves. We can make them aware of the harmful effects that would be created in their characters by such a bad habit. We can easily bring about strict rules and regulations regarding the cleanliness  and good manners. So they will be aware of it's need from the very young age itselves. And this alone can bring a good, disciplined society for our tomorrows.....