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Saving energy is a very important thought which we must put in practice immediately and regularly.

We are dependent on the ecosystem on Earth. We have limited natural resources including water, minerals etc. We have a lot of Solar energy that is available to us. But we have not been able to convert it to other forms cheaply yet.

We are depleting oil, gas and other sources much faster than they can form again in the Earth's crust. We need to conserve energy and use of fuels in order that in future our descendants can still use them. We should depend more on renewable resources.  Saving energy also reduces pollution.

Save Earth movement works for the awareness of Energy saving. On the Earth day, all lights are switched off to remind ourselves of the importance of energy savings.  Reduction of use of energy also reduces pollution.

How to save energy:

We must switch off lights, TV, motors etc., when they are not in use. We can switch off computers when not in use.   Use gas stove carefully to save cooking gas. Use cell phones judiciously so the batteries last longer.

Many Europeans have downtowns (village centers) where people cannot take motor vehicles. They can only walk through the streets. We can also implement the same rules. We must walk nearby distances instead of using motor vehicles.

We must switch off engines at the red traffic lights while waiting.  Sharing transport or using public transport reduces fuel usage. reduces pollution too.

Recycling technologies and methods must be more encouraged and implemented in India to reduce wastage and to save energy too.  More efficient fuels can reduce energy usage.

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