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I completely disagree on the given topic.
Animals are the gift of nature. Without them our planet becomes empty. Even if it is said that man evolved from monkeys. Animals never had interfered into human matters, but we humans go on interfering into their privacy matters. We kill many animals for obtaining things of our need from them. For ex:- We kill snakes just to take venom out of the mouth of the snake. But it is very wrong and they must be allowed to live their life and live their life till their life span finishes.
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This whole world are not only meant for others but also for all other organisms on this earth. They too are having equal right to survive here like us. But we humans are considering ourselves as dominant and are just trying to take the power over earth. He is only thinking about himselves.  A  very good example for that is their control over other animals . He is just playing all his tricks over those poor organisms who can't even make a sound against them. We know, today our science has developed in such a way that no one can even dream of. The medicines to almost all the diseases are available in today's market. And we humans are not afraid of loosing their lives. But when we just try to look in them we can find the traces for lot of animals who died for it's success. When scientists find some new medicines, they first of all experiment them on animals like rats, rabbits etc,,..If they succeed them and start to live again, then only they dare to share that newly invented medicine.But in doing so, we lost many lives of those poor animals due to the carelessness of we humans. Actually no scientists dare to experiment on humans, because they knew, if they lost one's life between , many other people will come against them raising their voice for that lost one. But if we lost life of rats or rabbits, no one is gonna come in search of them. That's why they are selecting animals. But in this world, we need to protect the lives of those animals too..we need to raise our voice for them too

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