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Radio Station:it's a previlige for us to be able to take interview of you sir and thanks for sparing some of ur valuable time on us.Sir can u tell us reason behind u getting into this field?
Env:thanx for compliment and reason behind me getting into this field is the in this mordern day world every country wants to be the sole a result they are developing many nuke projects and also over exploiting natural resources .someone has to come forward to stop this so our group came forward to do the same.
Radio station:sir how far have u been successful in doing this and how did u did it?
Env: Though there was minimal help from the govt our team never lost hope and we started creating awareness among people abt ill effects of nuke plants like leukaemia and cancer as we have seen in bhopal due to the bhopal tragedy.print and electronoc media have been a boon for our campaign as many youngsters have been atrracted to our campaign and this is neccesary as they are future citizens of our country.
Radio station:sir wht are ur future plans for cleaning enviornment. ENV: i do think that my hometown hyderabad is polluted a lot and i plan  to go there and start a new campaign over there for once fresh bur now polluted lakes like Durgam Cheruvu .
Radio station: sir signing off on agood note can u give some valueabe inputs abt how to save nature .
Env:only thing u have to do is to have a ideology that don't want to protect nature need to create an enviornment where nature needs no protection.if we follow this glory of good environment will walk and come near us .and if we try to harm nature we will harm ourselves.because protect nature and nature will protect you

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