Vijaynagar kingdom was one of the most famous and powerful and also very important kingdom in medieval  indian history.It reveals the history full of wars between the bahamani rulers.They also fought against many  other muslim rulers whoever wanted to capture india.The vijaynagar rulers ruled over India for almost 300 years/3 centuries.vijaynagar is a kingdom situated in the north of karnataka.two brothers harihara and bukka raya were very vital role in the foudation of the empire.Only 4 dynasties ruled over the vijaynagar kingdom the are-Sangama dynasty , Saluva dynasty , tuluva dynasty & aravindu dynasty.
             The founder of bahmani kingdom was hasan gangu.It was founded in 1347 AD.The most greatest and famous ruler of this kingdom was Feroz Shah.The last ruler of this kingdom was kalimulla.
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