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His father was a poor person. So he worked as a newspaper boy in childhood. He had to earn for himself and his family to add to this family's income. He became educated. But he was an average student. But he was hardworking and sincere. He passed physics deree. Then he did aero space engineering. He faced a lot of difficulties with courage and hard work. 
After he had joined DRDO his life changed totally. He managed projects with success. He had support from Prime minister Indira Gandhi and other ministers for various projects he did. He was supported for his role on missiles.  He became an adviser to the prime minister. He became involved in politics and technology. 

He became the president and he was a non-controversial person. He grew from a low family to the highest citizen.

He has every reason to think that his journey has been incredible. He had luck in his favour and he benefitted from opportunities. He did his hard work to move forward each time.