Your younger sister has a habit of not switching off the lights and fans when sheleaves a room. You are very concerned about the environment and want to convinceher to change her habit. Write a dialogue where you share your views on conservingelectricity. Give her some information about how much her efforl would help. Takeabout ten turns.



Sister: leaves fans and lights in her room when she comes out

me:    see,you must not leave those like  that
me :    as wasting electricity is not good
sister:then what shall i do
me :    you can just put them off when your out of your room
sister:if i wont what is the problem
me :if you wont then we have to pay a huge electric bill ,are you ready to pay.
sister : ok ! i will not waste the electricity and switch off once i am out of my room.
me :that's good.