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Important characteristics of Gymnosperms:
1. Gymnosperms are embryophytic, tracheophytic, archegoniate phanerogams.
2.They posses ovules which are not enclosed by any ovary i.e., the ovules are naked.
3.The roots are generally tap roots.
4.The leaves in gymnosperms are well adapted to withstand extremes of temperature , humidity and wind.
5.Anatomically, the stem shows Eustele.The vascular bundles are conjoint, collateral and open.
6.Secondary growth occurs in stem and roots.
7.The gymnosperms are heterosporous.They produce haploid microspores and megaspores.
8.Unlike bryophytes and pteridophytes, in gymnosperms, the male and female gametophytes do not have an independent free-living existence.They remain within the sporangia retained in the sporophytes.
9.The pollination is direct and anemophilous.
10.Seeds germinate and develop into sporophytes.
Eg: Cycas and Pinus

Gymnosperm are those seed plant in which the seed exposed remain over the surface of the megasporophylls because  the latter are not folded to form pistils.
1.they are small group of seed plants which are represented by only 900 living species.
2.all gymnosperm are perennial and woody,forming either bushes or trees.
3.seed don't occur inside a fruit . they are naked.
4.female gametophyte contains archegonia.
5.male gemetophyte produces only two male gametes or sperms. generally one of them is functional.
EXAMPLE OF GYMNOSPERM-- Cedrus, pinus.. :)