acetic acid whose common name is vinegar is used as a preservative.

fertilizers help in the proper growth of crops.

excess fertilizers can effect the fertility of soil.

excess intake of acetic acid can harm us.

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Advantages - We have been able to synthesize new materials that make our lives much, much easier. Chemistry has allowed us to synthesize new medications that change lives They allow us to create new ceramics that absorb heat in a way that allows them to withstand high temperatures and still not burn our hands when we touch them (ps, they're on the space shuttle!) They allow us to understand what makes up our food, our bodies, and our surroundings. We are learning to understand how our world works at the molecular level with chemistry.
Disadvantages- While scientists' aim to improve the quality of life for humans, plants, animals, and to save the the environment, sometimes these are interpreted as quick fixes to real issues in society and our world. Any introduction or removal of a chemical in an environment can change the way a system works. (be it social, human, animal, or earth-wide) Repeated experiments on manufacture, testing, use, and long term effects of chemicals are essential to our survival. While we learned a lot, there was a tremendous cost to the environment and/or humanity. We need to understand what we are really doing with our technology before we implement it. There is no such thing as a magic pill to save us all, unfortunately.
So the science of chemistry is good, but what we do with it can harm or help us