Preservatives in packed foods like pickle,lays etc etc
Using bleach in well which we drinks 
Detergents to wash our cloths
Smoke we breathe 

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There are literarily 1000’s of compounds we use in our daily lives. Most if these are ingredients formulated into various products. However, there are quite a number of household products that are relatively PURE compounds or solutions of these:
 Baking powder (sodium hydrogen carbonate; NaHCO3)- Used in cooking
Table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) -Used in cooking
Mouthwash (hydrogen peroxide, H2O2)- Personal hygiene.
Washing soda (sodium carbonate ; Na2CO3.10H2O)-Used in cleaning. .
Natural gas (methane; CH4)-Used in heating.
Lemon juice (citric acid; C6H8O7)-Used in cooking and food preparation.

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