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There are arguments for and against the given topic "Swach Bharat" in the debate.  You need to write proper dialogues and add your proper points too.

Start - Introduction:
   Hello every one! Good day to you all.  We have a nation-wide important topic to debate today.    Mr Ind will talk on the side of the mission and Mr Pak is going to attack him from all sides. So just keep your ears open and eyes hooked on to them.  Okay, Mr Ind, start off.

Ind:   Swach bhaarat or clean india is an excellent mission started by prime minister Modi.  See it will clean Indian towns and cities. It will be good for all.

Pak:  First of all, why did this mission come about?  People of India are so stupid and backward. They do not even know simple things and behave like animals.  They defecate in the open.  They litter every where.  That is why foreigners hate Indian people and India.  They do not want to come to India.

Ind :  Unfortunately, people of India being uneducated and poor, could not think of these things.  Further, they had been neglected by others.  But remember Indian culture is one of the best cultures in the world since ages.   Now government has taken proper steps towards building Clean India.

Pak:  You may be right.  But do you think it is practical.  The mission requires too much of money. We don't have so much money in our economy.  Perhaps it will stop in between.  It will only result in enhancing the political image of NDA government.

Ind :  What are you saying? Mr Modi has already amassed a lot of support from public too.  Many people are voluntarily participating in it.  It will continue.

Pak:   People will do as long as they have enthusiasm.  NDA may not be able to fund it after some years. Then,

A:   By then people will be used to doing their duties as they should. SO there is no need to explicitly do any mission.  The publicity given now and the programs being organized are spreading quickly around India.  Poor people are also learning about it.

B:  Poor people are so ignorant.  They do not know and can not learn any thing.  they defecate on the road sides.  It is so disgusting to go in villages.  They do not have money to construct even toilets.

A:  Now clean India has planned construction of toilets.  Once the education level of poor villagers betters, they will take care of sanitation themselves.  It is only a matter of a few years.

B: What about schools?  There are so many schools being organized in open air, old buildings, with no water, toilets etc.  Indians will never improve.

A:  Well in thousands of schools there are toilets being built in the next five years.  After a decade people of India will be rich and aware of sanitation.  They will take care of themselves.  All children now are aware of this.  They will not forget about it.


  So we agree that swachch bharat is a good mission and will do good to people of india.  We understand that there is a lot of effort in this.  There is also a lot of education of people and a lot of money to be spent.   However,  let us hope that in 5 years people will practice sanitation and cleanliness and continue for ever.