If there is no job or work .His life may get bored.He wan'ts to do some thing but he can't do anything.
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My name is______, I suddenly lost  my job a few years ago and and thus was left unemployed. I have a Family to feed and Children to be educated but no job. At first it was easy because I had saved up money for my family just in case. It was a critical time but my friend and some relatives helped me out. We had to ration what we bought and save up money until I found a job, but its easier said then done. Finding a new job proved to be difficult and our expenses kept increasing. it had only been half a year but the money I had saved had also become half of what it was. I had to find a job but i was not being accepted anywhere. soon I had to sell off some of our house hold things and by the time a year and a half passed by, we had to sell off our house and migrate to other places just to find a job. after failing countless times we were left with very short amount of money. the house that we had rented was now becoming a problem. shortly after we left that house as well and started living with our relatives. Now both me and my wife were searching for jobs but as luck would have it we could not find even one. After three years a friend of mine introduced me in a publishing company. Our hard work was finally bearing fruits. The chief editor accepted me and gave me a job. It was not much but it was all I had. i was merely an errand boy but as years passed I was promoted a few times and after four years of loyal and regular work, I am now the chief editor. Several years have passed by but even now i still remember the fear of thinking that me and my family would not be able to make it in this world. 
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