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the sex organs antheridia and archegonia are produced at the apex of the leafy shoots. After fertilization, zygote develops in to a sporophyte consisting of foot, seta and capsule. The sporophyte in mosses is more elaborate than in liverworts. Capsule contain spores . Spores are formed after meiosis. 

the gametophytes bears male and female sex organs called antheridia and archegonia respectively. Water is required for the transfer of antherozoids -the male gametes to the mouth of archegonium. Fusion of male and female gametes (egg) present in archegonium results in the formation of zygote. zygote produces a multicellular well differentiated sporophyte which is dominant phase of the pteridophytes . 
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1) Mosses do not have vascular tissue, Ferns do (thats why they can grow taller than mosses) 
2) Mosses are gametophyte (haploid multicellular phase) dominant, Ferns are sporophyte dominant (like all vascular plants, meaning that the green plants your looking at are of the sporophyte generation).
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