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1.Percentage of Ionic character =
   (Observed dipole moment / Calculated dipole moment) × 100 
 Calculated dipole moment = magnitude of the charge × distance between the two charges]
2.Percentage of Ionic character = [16(X₁ -X₂) + 3.5(X₁ - X₂)²]
             X₁ ⇒ Electronegativity of the first atom.

             X₂ ⇒ Electronegativity of the second atom.]

Using any of the above formulas, the percentage of ionic character can be calculated.
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where will one get the dipole moments ? how to calculate them ?
Dipole moments must have already been mentioned in the related question. Otherwise, one can easily calculate dipole moment by using the formula: Dipole moment = Magnitude of the charge x distance between the two charges.(If the value of charge isn't mentioned, it is taken as 4.8 x [10 to the power -10].