winning is not everything. the one who wins get to know how good he is but the one ho doesnt gets something very interesting....experience. that person learns his flaws the first time. it makes him bettr as the nxt time he does not repeat his mistake. some people always tend to win, but that does not mean that they will win always. they dont even become the most successful, not always. those who loose r not permanent loosers. they can also be gr8 if they have the desire to achieve.
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it's very usful to me....thank you
Winning is not so important as participating.
yes, if one wins, it increases confidence and belief in oneself.
on the other if one looses it still has something to give.
It gives a motivation. 
It gives a learning. U'll learn many things. U'll try harder next time to win and gain more knowledge in the procedure.
It also gives u an influence.
It also makes u determined. It gives u a determination to work hard.

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