Aichi Sendou...from card fight vanguard
my 1st anime drawing ...........plz say how it is...........suggest improvements

nice :)
I Have not seen/ read this anime but I've seen some promotion posters. The guy u've drawn has blue hair right.
i drew him when i was very new in the world of anime


i saw the picture very carefully and at last i found that the mouth is slightly tilted and u can make the nose a little bigger......
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it is from the greeting card perhaps.. so the mouth and nose are in the original picture like that. look at her contribution and suggest
i just given her some ideas which will make the drawing more beautiful
The nose won't be much big coz people in Japan have small blunt noses. The mouth is tilted coz it's smiling
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The drawing is good. It looks like its original picture.
perhaps you can apply some colors. It will appeal more.  
Now it appear quite a still photo.

The thick border in black of the hair -  perhaps can be drawn to indicate some realistic pattern.. not so uniform and straight.

There could be some folds (lines) on the (shirt or pullover) clothes. So you can draw the folds and the shade below them..

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Thank time i'll take care of that
thanx n u r welcom