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"Try and Try until you succeed " is a popular proverb which says that we are going to definitely acheive our success through our hard work.but i'am not going to say that we are going to acheive success only through hard work.with out hard work luck has nothing to do with our daily lime we come across many people who work very hard but may not be able to succeed in our life, weather it may be in case of money or knowledge or what ever it may be.hard work doesn't mean that sitting with book infront for hours long doesn't make it hard work.we have to overcome the mistakes that we had made in our previous failure and learn lessons from our failure and had to over come them in the next step.

one must keep tying until one achieves success. it is said that failure is the steppin stone to must always keep that in mind. a person can fail 99 tmes but the 100th time he is sure to succeed. also successis not gains new experience and new lessons on each stage. if you cant do it once do it again . continuos tireless effort and perseverence are always beside those who never give up. only cowards give up easily. if you dont want to be branded a looser dont evr give up without trying