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Climatic change forces many birds to leave their normal place of stay and they hence go in search of food and shelter to places many thousands of miles away. In Tamil Nadu there's a bird sanctuary in Vedanthangal where birds even from the Antarctic and Arctic zones visit every year . The birds have special adaptations which enable them to travel long distances . These birds have a subcutaneous layer of fat underneath their skin and during long distance flight they use this fat for energy.
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Every species can bare certain temperature... When it becomes too hot or cold for it, it has to move. This movement due to climate change is called Migration...In a world of rising sea levels and melting glaciers, climate change is most likely occurring but with uncertain overall effects. I argue that we can predict the effects of climate change on migration by exploring the effects of environmental problems on migration in recent decades. People can adapt to these problems by staying in place and doing nothing, staying in place and mitigating the problems, or leaving the affected areas. I hope that this helped you:)
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