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We can achieve the clean india as wished by gandhi by keeping our society clean. If anyone throws the waste on the road we should throw in the dustbin and we should warn others to not to throw in roadside.As we are future generations we should arrange an awarness program about the throwing of waste in the roadside.If each one of us followed this our india will be clean and healthy.
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We can keep India clean if we want and if we have cooperation and brotherly and sisterly love between each of us. We can tell people who throw garbage on roads to throw them in proper dumping places. We can even pick up the useless materials thrown on roads and throw them in dustbins. But what's more important is start to clean India by starting to clean in our house. We must wipe and clean our houses with disinfectants. So we must first start cleaning our house in order to achieve Gandhiji's dream of clean India.
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No worries if this was possible in country like India