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The present Constitution was framed by the Consituent Assembly of India set up under Cabinet Mission Plan of May 16, 1946.
The Constituent Assembly consisted of 385 members, of which 292 were elected by the elected members of the provincial Legislative Assemblies while 93 members were nominated by the Princely States. To these were to be added a representative each from the four chief Commissioners provinces of Delhi, Ajmer-Marwar, Coorg and British Baluchistan.Each Province and each Indian state or Group of States were allotted the total number of seats proportional to their respective population roughly in the ratio of one to a million.Mr. B N Rao was the Constitutional Advisor of the Assembly.The first meeting of the Constitution Assembly was on 9th December 1946 in which Dr. Sachidanand was the interim President of it. On December 11, 1946 Dr. Rajendra prasad was elected as its president.There was 13 Committees for framing the Constitution.The all Important the Committee who take the responsibility of drafting the Constitution called Drafting Committee formed on 29th August, 1947.
The Constituent Assembly took almost three years