Characteristics of Pteridophyta
Pteridophyta is predicted as an oldest Cormophyta. Cormophyta is plant having real roots, stems, and leaves. Its means that the roots, stems, and leaves have vascular bundle, so Pteridophyta also known as Tracheophyta. Fossil of Pteridophyta found in the stone since carbon era past of 345 millions ago.
Pteridophyta lives in water (hydrophyte), in moist area (hygrophyte), sticking in other plant (ephiphyte), or living in residue/ waste of other plant (saprophyte).Pteridophyta is not produce seeds but it produces spores. Spores are produced by leaves, usually in under surface of leaves. The young leaves are roll up. Stems of Pteridophyta located under of soil called rhizome. From rhizome will grow the roots like a hair called fibrous roots and also grow leaves stalk. There are any ste
Characteristics of Pteridophytes are as follows :
1)The sporophyte is the conspicuous and familiar plant body. It develops from the zygote, a diploid cell which results from the fertilization of the egg and antherozoid.
2)The branching of the stem may be of monopodial or dichotomous type.
3)The sporophytes reproduce by spores which are produced within sporangia.
4)The sporangium is large and massive; the wall is several cells thick and the spore content is high.
5) The sporangium wall and the stalk, as well as the spores are derived from the outer cell.