I want a mind map on letter e.g:ho the letter is going to others.please fast i want it nowwwwwwwww.................

can u write a proper ques plz!
what is a mind map?
what letter and where is it going ? you want a mind map on a letter you want to write ? or about some letter that is going some where ? it is not clear
like what should we do before we are putting the letter in the post box


You first post a letter at the post box/post office.Then the letter is picked up by the mailman from the post box and given to the sorting office in the post office.The letters get sorted and are packed in vans or aeroplanes and then received in a few days by the receiver.
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is this answer right for u ? shamil ?
mind map to be drawn on a sheet - with diagrams? no need for u?
I can make it to a mind map
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Mind map is usually drawn as pictures on a white paper put on a table in the landscape mode.  You take color pencils, pens, markers etc. What ever our mind thinks at that time, we write. So we map our mind onto the while paper. But we use pictorially and not a simple paragraph in English.

1. Draw a circle in the center of the sheet. 
2. Write what you have and what you want to do, concisely in words.
3. Write down different thoughts you get.  Do not evaluate the ideas. Just write them down.
4. You can write how to break the task in to smaller tasks, and how the task will be done in different conditions.
5. You can write jokes etc.. Colour the various boxes.
6. write down names of persons involved at each level.
7. Use multiple sheets if required.  

I have enclosed a sample mind-map for the letter - posting -receiving of it.

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i hope u like that.
thanx n u r welcom