gandhiji as we all know is a very great and a very big hearted person .
he  is one of the freedom fighters of india.he believed and followed the way of non violence.
his was was an ashram.
he was very kind and allowed people live in his house without taking anything from them.
we do not need to do much but we can just try to keep our own house clean and if possible , we can also try to convience the people living around us to keep their houses clean as well.
we should keep our classrooms clean.
we should throw the wrappers of chocolates and chips in the dust bin.
we should pick up the wastes we see in our school play grounds and in oue own house gardens.

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Well as we all know tht gangiji was hoping for a clean india!!
not only meaning the conditions of india but also meaning tht da ppl pf india should be free for all sorts of rubbishness and unclean sort of ways!!
like corruption,hierarchy,manual labour,manual scavenging,child labour & marriage and on!!!!
we can clean our india by cleaning our surrounding and helping!!
but wht abt da ppl???
we should start with ourselves 1st!!
cos clean india can only be achieved if there are clean indians and we can be clean idians as gandiji belived in us and put his life on da line for us!!
at least we can dis honour his wish!!!
iam not perfect no one is perfect but we can be cleaner than we ar!!

this was gandhis dream lets hop we arent failing him!!!
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