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When a person does not eat for some time, he/she gets hunger pangs (contraction of stomach muscles inside) and pains.   But hunger subsides some time after hunger pangs because:

    The starvation response (adaptation of metabolism) of our body takes care of energy supply to the cells during the absence of food.
    During starvation period, the levels of insulin drops and the levels of glucagon, epinephrine and norepinephrine increase in the circulating blood.  Starvation response causes an increase in the processes glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis (conversion of glycerol into glucose), lipolysis (induced by many hormones including ghrelin) and ketogenesis.  Also, Cori cycle converts lactate into glucose. 

      The body’s glycogen stores are consumed.  Glucose is obtained from the breakdown of stored glycogen in the liver and in muscle cells.  So glucose levels in the blood rise again.
Also the free fatty acids from the body fat reserves are burnt.
     As glucose levels go up, the hunger subsides.

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Raju had not eaten his breakfast.Due to this he got a stomach pain.
Explanation- because he hadn't eaten his breakfast his stomach was not full.That is how he got stomach pain. 
Later he got relief from the pain.
Explanation- that is because of a chemical reaction due to the juices and fat present in the body.
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